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Giroro = biggest cockblocker ever

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Did anyone else get that email from Anime sols? They listed a bunch of their upcoming streaming projects! A couple of them on there are shows I’ve been waiting a long time to see!

Below is a direct quote from the email I got.

We’ve got 7 more shows lined up for streaming support goals! Every 2 weeks we’ll put up 3 episodes of another 2 shows for support!

Goku no Daibouken (directed by Gisabur? Sugii !) 
Space Ace (The first show ever produced by Tatsunoko Productions, right before Speed Racer)

Time Bokan (the first in what became the Time Bokan series, which only really became a hit in Japan with the release of Yatterman) 
Temple the Balloonist (Honestly even I’ve never heard of this one… It was popular in Europe I guess? Check it out!) 
Wonder 3 (Just ask Mike Toole) 
Kerokko Dematan (One of the “cute anthropomorphic animals’ lives are filled with terrible childhood trauma inducing death and destruction” series of shows from Tatsunoko, which also includes Hutch the Honeybee. Just try and get through these 3 episodes without shedding a tear.) 
Belfy and Lil’bit (This was dubbed and shown on TV as “The Lil’bits” back in the early 90s by Saban. Check out the original Japanese version for the first time!)

Look forward to more classic shows from Anime Sols

Like Kerokko Demetan I’m freaking out over, I’ve always wanted to see that show subbed ><

Be sure to get your AnimeSols account now and be ready


Illustration: Ikuko Itoh


Illustration: Ikuko Itoh

Cover for my &#8220;Room with Moonflowers&#8221; comic
Aside from some more shadows in places this is pretty much it.

Cover for my “Room with Moonflowers” comic

Aside from some more shadows in places this is pretty much it.

Manami Komori


"Twilight★Dream" - Harbor Light Monogatari~Fashion Lala yori - March 11, 1988

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幻夢戦記レダ コミックボンボンスペシャル - コミック本 -【garitto】


幻夢戦記レダ コミックボンボンスペシャル - コミック本 -【garitto】